Panoz DeltaWing Racing took to the track at Watkins Glen International to test the DeltaWing ahead of the Sahlen’s Six Hours of the Glen. Following the repaving of the track, the team’s main focus was on how the car’s set-up should be adapted given the higher level of grip.

Both Katherine Legge and Sean Rayhall drove the DeltaWing around the 3.4mile track and the team were able to test everything they needed to get the necessary data without issue. The team will now return to the workshop in Braselton, Georgia to work on the car before returning to race at Watkins Glen International at the end of June.



Tim Keene

“The new surface at Watkins Glen provides an unbelievable amount of grip, and is as smooth as a billiard table. We tried varying downforce levels as well as mechanical changes, and the car was very responsive to the changes. Some bad, some good, but the track offers the chance for the drivers to really feel and experience the changes which is nice. One of the biggest issues for us in particular is the demand it puts on the driver, as we do not have power assisted steering, and the amount of grip we are able to generate really takes a toll on the drivers. We collected a lot of valuable data, and we are hopeful to return for the race weekend prepared for the challenge that this six-hour race will present. Kudos to the folks at Watkins Glen as they've made what I already considered the best race track in North America even better." 

Sean Rayhall

“I’m very happy with the new surface at Watkins Glen and am pleased with what we’ve learned over the two days of testing.  I think we gained a lot of knowledge which will help us best prepare the DeltaWing for the upcoming race here. I’m extremely excited to return for the Sahlen’s Six Hours of the Glen.”

Katherine Legge

“We’ve learnt a lot and have a good idea of the setup direction we want to keep going in when we come back here for the race weekend. Watkins Glen International have done a fantastic job on repaving the track. The surface is impeccable and it will be a very exciting race.”