The Nissan DeltaWing is ready for qualifying at Petit Le Mans after the crew completed a marathon overnight repair job after Wednesday's dramatic roll-over.

Gunnar Jeannette was struck by a GTC Porsche during Wednesday testing. The Nissan DeltaWing was extensively damaged after tumbling down the hill exiting turn 11.

The incident was captured by the car's on-board camera along with the Nissan-powered Conquest Racing P2 car which was immediately behind. The resulting YouTube video recorded more than 350,000 views within 24 hours! Click the header graphic above to view the video.

After the crash, the Nissan DeltaWing crew immediately got to work and within 24 hours, the car was ready to go for Thursday night's practice session.

With race components now fitted - including the Nissan 1.6 liter DIG-T turbocharged engine - both Jeannette and teammate Lucas Ordoñez completed their mandatory night practice.

The car will be back on track today for the final practice session at 10:30am this morning before taking part in qualifying at 3:00pm this afternoon.

The 1000 mile / 10 hour Petit Le Mans event goes green tomorrow at 11:30am - Saturday, October 20.




 “It was great to get back out there. Luckily Ben and I were of the same mindset. We both wanted me to get straight back in and shake down the car.

"Everything was perfect and the objective was to bed in our race parts - brakes, race motor, diff, etc.

"It was a little difficult at first because you have to build up to speed slowly and with traffic at night that can be tricky.

"But the car was absolutely perfect and Lucas and I were able to get our night laps in.

"The guys were able to leave right after the session and get some well deserved rest. They deserved it - great job."




“It has been a great day. The car is back on track and the guys worked all night to repair the car.

"First Gunnar went out to bed in all the new parts and then I got to get in, do my night laps and make sure everything is OK.

"The conditions can be tricky at night here especially at the pit lane exit because there is a lot of traffic.

"We are really happy with the day and delighted that the car is running well and ready for the race.

"I have to say thankyou to all the team for the work they in repairing the car. Great job."




“The car is back together again and everything is exactly as we hoped it would be.

"The drivers did a great job last night, got their night laps in and we learnt some more about tire pressures at night and what the car likes in these conditions.

"Considering where we were on Wednesday afternoon, everyone is very happy and pleased.

"We have an enormous opportunity for the race and the car is very strong. I'm now really looking forward to Saturday."