The development of the DeltaWing coupe continued today at Virginia International Raceway, as the revolutionary prototype qualified third in the P1 class for tomorrow’s Oak Tree Grand Prix.

Katherine Legge put the coupe solidly in the starting field with a lap of 1:43.724. Legge and co-driver Andy Meyrick are still learning the 3.27-mile circuit and each session offers valuable learning opportunities for both the team and the drivers; while the coupe is an evolution of the DeltaWing roadster, it presents a new set of challenges.

“We’re using every session, even qualifying, as a test session,” said Legge. “For qualifying, we changed some aerodynamics and we didn’t make the gains we expected. We’re trying new things all the time. Sometimes we change things and go slower, but we learn from that as well, because we know in what direction we should go. This is still a development program and our focus is to have a good race here and to finish the season well at our home race of Petit Le Mans.”

“We’re still lacking a bit in the way of grip,” said Meyrick.” We had good pace this morning, so we know it’s there. It’s more difficult to set this car up on low-grip tracks than it is a conventional car, but we know what we want to try in morning warm up and we’ll work on having a good car for the race tomorrow.”

The Oak Tree Grand Prix from Virginia International Raceway will be live on at 2:00pm tomorrow. The race telecast will be Sunday, October 6 at 5:30pm on ESPN2 (all times Eastern).