The DeltaWing coupe continued to impress in its debut at Circuit of the Americas, leading the speed charts in a wet morning practice session and qualifying third for tomorrow’s American Le Mans Series race.

The weekend sees the race debut of the DeltaWing coupe, an evolution of the roadster that led the ALMS race at Road America last month. Drivers Andy Meyrick and Katherine Legge put the coupe through its paces in test and practice sessions throughout the week, with the car showing the same excellent straight line speed the roadster displayed. The coupe also seems to share the roadster’s stability in damp conditions, leading the wet morning practice session. 
When qualifying arrived, the rain had stopped, leaving the track in varying states of drying. Meyrick put down a solid lap time of 2:15.845 before a drivetrain issue sidelined the car near the end of the session. Meyrick's time puts him third in the P1 class and he will start third on the grid, as changing conditions through the class qualifying sessions necessitated putting the cars in class order for tomorrow's race.
Meyrick was happy with the day’s results, knowing that the performance of the coupe is headed in the right direction.
“We have a good baseline,” said Meyrick. “The car continues to be good in the wet and since it looks as though it will rain again tomorrow, we have a good starting place to build from. Considering the small amount of mileage on the car, its performance has been excellent. We were quickest in the first session this morning, so that’s something to take forward. We haven’t shown all our performance during qualifying; we’ve got more performance to come for the race.
“We’re getting used to the coupe with each session. The visibility and cooling is very good. There are many new elements, like the roof, the doors, the windscreen - and all those elements have been perfect.  Our Bridgestone tires are working well, the Élan motor is working well, so tomorrow should be a good race.”
Dr. Don Panoz, DeltaWing managing partner, was also pleased with the performance his latest innovation displayed through the day’s on-track sessions.
 “We’re happy with the coupe’s pace,” said Panoz. “We’ll take care of the issues and be ready for tomorrow.”
Live streaming of race eight of the ALMS season from Circuit of the America's in Austin, Texas will begin Saturday at 4:45pm EDT on race will be televised on ESPN2 Sunday at 1:00pm EDT.